January 2014

New album by Cats Hats Gowns, mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, out soon on Coriolis sounds - Vinyl release.


New Album by Guillaume Eymenier "7 figures Lying", cd-r + video

July 2013

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May 2013

Out now 2 new CD-R by Y&G. 
Yvan Duhamel and Guillaume Eymenier are guitarists from Cats Hats Gowns. 
Limited editions of 20 (all different), with "wall rubbing" drawing & design by Guillaume Eymenier.
This is part of new series of live improv' guitars. 

cs-08 - 21 september 2012 (Black)
cs-09 - 7 december 2012 (Red)
These 2 new releases are Tayo-Yuden CD-R  

> to order, email us sounds@coriolislab.org

Oct. 2012

Our friend and collaborator Sylvia Monnier released a Coriolis Mix. #1

1 - Steve Roden & Jason Khan : Untitled 4 (Korm Plastics)

2 - Nelly Vowel & Cats Hats Gowns : 9 dans une boite en papier (Coriolis Sounds)

3 - Boubou Tounkara : Douga (Awesome tape from Africa)

4 - Giuseppe Ielasi : Untitled 1 (Entr'acte)

5 - Cats Hats Gowns : Tu ressembles a rien (Coriolis Sounds)

6 - Gilli Smyth : Prostitute Poem (Charly records)

7 - Nadir : Something Is Coming (Coriolis Sounds)

8 - Monoton : √1 = 1 (Desire records, Oral)

9 - Cedric Pin : Time Stops (Coriolis Sounds)

10 - The Scientists : Murderess In A Purple Dress (Karbon)

11 - Deep Catalogue : Pumping Sand (Sic Sic Tapes)

12 - David Jackman : Laus (Die Stadt)

Sylvia Monier has just released a tape in collaboration with Piotr Kurek as "Suaves Figures" on Sangoplasmo
She's also working on a first recording with Guillaume Eymenier (Cats Hats Gowns), as Deep Catalogue.   

Sept. 2012

3 new records out now!
> to order, email us sounds@coriolislab.org

cs-005 Nelly Vowel & Cats Hats Gowns "Could I Be a Bee?"
cs-006 Nadir "Semper Virens"
cs-007 Cats Hats Gowns "#0225 For Argentina"

These 3 new releases are all Tayo-Yuden CD-R (if you never heard of Taiyo-Yuden before.. check this)
w/ high quality printed cover & cd (cs-005+cs006) or ink stamp on brown thick carton sleeve & cd (cs-007). 

Aug. 2012
Coriolis Sounds, Staubgold & Wool Recordings presents
LE SON DU SALAGOU Open air chill out & label showcase 
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May 2012
Scarlet O'Abrash (with music by Cats Hats Gowns) & Mirissa (with music by Cedric Pin)
will be on screens during May in all Air France long-haul flights as part of a program of contemporary art video.
Both soundtracks are taken from the Coriolis Sounds back catalogue.

May 2012
"Fleurs de Bitume" presents Irina DeBertier's beautiful moody landscapes with a musical selection from Coriolis Sounds back catalogue.

Dec 2010
Coriolis Sounds / D’Autres Cordes Records / Dokidoki editions / Lentonia Records / Motus / Néocea Sound Machine / Ototoï music / Qwartz / Rolax / Staubgold
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