2017-AOUT-24 - Coriolis Sound system w/ becoming, i am a vowel, cats hats gowns @ MRAC, Serignan
2017-JUNE-23 - 16:9 (dj) @ Le Consortium Dijon
2017-JUNE-08 - James S. Taylor (live) - label showcase with Wool, Linge, Hapax, Vision Nocturne, Coriolis Sounds @ Le Black Out, Montpellier 
2017-JUNE-02 - Amara + 16:9 (dj) @ Le Black Out, Montpellier
2017-MAY-20 - Becoming (James S. Taylor & 16:9), live @ La Nuit des Musées, La Graineterie, Houilles
2017-MAY-18 - Becoming (James S. Taylor & 16:9), live @ La Friche Mimi, Montpellier 
James and Cedrick are spending a week creating a sound laboratory at the Friche de Mimi. They might make you dance, sleep, cry, laugh and float. There may be objects, there may be furniture, there may be blood. There will not be costumes or puppets or tricks of the light. So come and feed your unconscious with vibrations on May 18th.
2017-MARCH-24 / JUNE 24 - Cats Hats Gowns "Sunset video series" (exhibition) @ Le Consortium, Dijon 

cool news:
du 24 mars au 15 dec 2017
Coriolis Sounds back catalogue, available @ librairie Tropicool Cie, Le Consortium, Dijon

"Radiance II" Original score by France Jobin & Stephan Mathieu for Cedrick Eymenier's The Answer - Schwebung
"Rue de la Méditerranée" by Canicule, w/ reworks by Cats Hats Gowns - Scum Yr Earth

We had a great week this summer @ Cassiopeia. Special thanks to Alex & Sharon.
video report by Sebastien Jamain & Sarra Majdoub soon - meanwhile watch 2015