-- future gigs

2018-MAY-19 - james s. taylor & 16:9, live installation, nuit des musées, 19h-23h, musée de l'éphèbe, Agde 
2018-MAY-14 - coriolis meets hapax, black out, montpellier
2018-JUN-09 - vinyl market coriolis stand, nuances festival, victoire II, Montpellier, TBC
2018-JUN-13 - radio coriolis #14, youtube live streaming, 9pm 
2018-JUN-24 - james s. taylor & 16:9 aka becoming dj set, TBC

-- radio coriolis, every first mondays of the month, 9pm  youtube live streaming
    by james s. taylor & cedrick eymenier

-- this is BECOMING 1st album, it's called idealista


-- this is lugano fell new album, it's called asia sleep music