cs10 - cats hats gowns "badisad obistroz"

cs-10  Cats Hats Gowns
           Badisad Obistroz

side A
Badisad Obistroz
Mara' amu
White Squall

side B

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Cats Hats Gowns
Guillaume Eymenier - guitar, mix
Yvan Duhamel - guitar
Cédrick Eymenier - synth
Mathias Rossignol - drums

mastering Giuseppe Ielasi
artwork Laetitia Bénat
screenprint Superheights

Badisad Obistroz is a collection of windy improvised recordings, recorded in 2010 over a one-week-session.

Badisad Obistroz is a wind blowing in Afghanistan.
Mara’amu a wind blowing in Tahiti.
Migjorn is a southern hot wind, rare and moderate, blowing in the Roussillon, France.
A white squall is a sudden and violent windstorm at sea which is not accompanied by the black clouds generally characteristic of a squall.
Chergui (Arabic : šarqīa شرقية) is the name of a continental southeasterly wind which blows on the most part of Morocco, a hot and dry wind coming from the Sahara Desert.
A williwaw is a sudden blast of wind descending from a mountainous coast to the sea. The word is of unknown origin, but was earliest used by British seamen in the 19th century.
Khamsin (Arabic: خمسين‎ khamsīn), more commonly known in Egypt as khamaseen, is a dry, hot, sandy local wind, blowing from the south, in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

-- Cats Hats Gowns "chergui" from the album Badisad Obistroz - video by Cedrick Eymenier

Guillaume Eymenier plays also (Bandcamp, Soundcloud), as a duo with Yvan Duhamel (Y&G), and with Sylvia Monnier (Deep Catalogue), published by Cosmic Winnetou, In-Vis-O and Seconds Records. Guillaume also makes videos.

Cedrick Eymenier is a visual artist, working with photography & video. For the soundtrack of the videos he has been working with musicians like Fennesz, Vladislav Delay, Sebastien Roux, Steve Roden, Tape, Damon & Naomi or Akira Rabelais. His work is represented by galerie Jérôme Poggi, in Paris.

Giuseppe Ielasi has worked for many years within the field of improvised music. His music was published by many great labels such as 12k, Hapna, Editions mego... He also runs Senufo editions together with Jennifer Veillerobe.

Laetitia Benat is an artist working with drawing, photography, video, and ceramic. Her work is part of the Centre Pompidou collection and has been exhibited widely. She was also deeply involved in the Purple Journal.

Superheights is a screen print manufacture run by Severine Bascouet in Paris. she has worked with the likes of Comme des Garçons, Event10, Lee Ranaldo, Point Ephémère or Egyptology to name a few.